The One Percent Opportunity

Consumers love 1% Realty because of the huge commission savings with professional service. This gives you a big advantage over the competition. Even as a new agent in the business, with the 1% deal & national brand, you can compete against top agents for a listing and actually get it. Moreover, the more you do in that area, the more business will come. Having listings gets you more listings and clientele.

Some people 'question if our listings are shown and sold by other real estate agents. The reality is that if the listing is properly priced and well presented, then there is no such thing as a boycott. In fact consistently over 75% of our listing sales are sold by Cooperating real estate agents from other Brokerages.

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We Provide Training and Support

Since we hire a lot of new agents (or agents who had limited transactions at their previous brokerage), we know exactly what they need to be both successful and to do things properly. Our Managing Brokers have years of experience hiring and training agents, and ensures that they have the tools and support they need. We have ongoing training and support from a great team of experienced staff to help you in the field and provide you the support you require to be successful. Building on the more traditional theoretical classroom training approach we offer one on one practical experience training; putting the knoweledge to work in real situations. The best way to learn is to do.

There is also a great sense of comradery and support between the existing agents because business is easier to come by with the 1% model.

Our Offices

You will not see a fancy office with our name on the door. We don't have a large boardroom where you sit and drink coffee with other REALTORS®. But what we do have is lots of business and a great support staff. If you want to get into real estate, actually sell some property and make a good income without years of grinding, call us. We don't have big office overhead so we don't need to charge our salespeople the big fees.

What we Charge

We charge only a deal fee per transaction for our working agents. There are NO MONTHLY FEES, FRANCHISE FEES, MARKETING FEES, ADVERTISING FEES, COFFEE FEES and NO SPLITS, YOU KEEP 100% OF YOUR COMMISSION. We do have a 3 deal fee minimum per year, but we are so confident that working agents will easily do that and more and we gladly waive that requirement in your first quarter. Our motto is that we make money when you do – it’s a win-win.


The 1% deal and our national brand generates listing leads and lots of referrals. Seller's go to our website, read the local agents biographies, and pick one. Experienced agents who join us are always amazed how easily they can generate business. Some of those potential Sellers email or call the Office to have a 1% agent give them a market evaluation. Those listing leads are given out to our working agents at no cost.

Buyer Deals

A good portion of every real estate agent's commission income comes from representing Buyers. Our marketing program is geared toward getting listings, but with listings come Buyer leads. Buyer enquires from all of your active listings and also from your Sellers becoming Buyers (every agent's favorite type of Buyer). In those transactions you collect the commission as offered by those Sellers on MLS®. Some of our agents also decide to offer a buyer rebate to attract even more buyer deals. We leave that marketing decision to each agents own discretion.

The Ideal Candidate

If you have an open mind to the changes in the real estate industry and are interested in being busy selling homes and making a good income then you are an ideal candidate for One Percent. No matter if you are new to real estate, or are established in a community, with our structure we can pretty much guarantee listing appointments quickly. Once you have a property listed and it is accurately priced, it will sell. In a listing appointment you have an edge over the local hotshot, because you have something that sets you apart, the One Percent commission structure and a proven national program!

Operating as a One Percent agent is simple. Your cell phone number is the number on your "For Sale" signs and business cards. Our salespeople operate from their own home/car using their smartphones and computers, and keep in phone and e-mail contact with our administration office. We have a sophisticated back end office system to handle our large sales volume.

How Much Can I Earn?

Our agent's don't focus on the commission they earn on a single deal, but rather they focus on what they earned and kept at the end of the year. What do our agents earn per year? Let’s just say discount commission does not translate into a discount income - it is quite the opposite. We don't charge our working agents any monthly office fees and operational overhead at 1% is a small fraction of what traditional agents will spend to generate the same amount of business. Higher sales volume, keep 100% of your commission, lower overhead = very good income (and happy clients).

How Does the Brokerage Make Money?

For every sale you do, you pay a per deal fee of $450 per transaction. So no matter if your commission is from a listing end sale at $4450 (so you get $4,000), or a $7,950 listing double ender (you get $7,500) or a $15,000 Buyer commission deal (you get $14,550), we charge you the same $450 per deal fee. So we ride on your success and hope you do lots of deals and pay lots of deal fees. Your success is our success!

How do I Start?

You will need a real estate license. We need licensed salespeople, we have more business than we can handle! All inquiries to or call 604-806-0900 to speak with one of the Managing Brokers.

You can contact the Real Estate Council of British Columbia to obtain information on becoming a licensed agent or here is some general information on becoming a real estate agent in British Columbia for those who are not licensed or have not completed the required courses.