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North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Lions Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Lynn Valley, Deep Cove, Downtown Vancouver, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Olympic Village, Mt Pleasant, Fairview Slopes, Kitsilano, West End Vancouver, Lonsdale, Lynnmour, Caufield, Dunderave, Norgate, Sentinel H

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·       25 years of executive-level marketing, sales, and negotiation strategy experience

·       Former President and CEO of a Vancouver and Toronto based marketing agency servicing multi-national clients  - Toyota, Best Buy, Future Shop, XM Satellite Radio

·       Former Chief Marketing Officer for a publicly-traded company (CSE)

Why did I join One Percent Realty?

I get asked this question all the time.  Why would I choose to charge a lower commission rate than the industry standard?  Well, the answer is very simple: I believe a 1% commission rate to sell your home is a fair and reasonable rate, given today’s real estate market prices.  And if I can offer a fair and reasonable commission rate, but still offering exactly the same services that all other realtors offer, while always working to provide an optimal client-realtor home buying/selling experience, the end result will be a win-win situation.  My clients will save a significant amount of money while knowing I put their best interests ahead of anyone else’s and my own.  And for myself, I will be fully satisfied with my work as I will have earned a fair wage while knowing I did my best for my client.

25 Years of Executive Level Marketing, Sales and Negotiation Strategy & Execution Experience

As a former marketing communications agency and publicly-traded company executive, I have over 25 years of senior-level, corporate marketing, sales and negotiation strategy and execution experience.   After working hard as a marketing executive for over 2 decades, I decided to opt of the corporate world, seeking out a new way of life through a change in careers.  With a long family history of successful Vancouver real estate agents, it seemed a career in Real Estate was a natural place for me to successfully apply my marketing and sales expertise, my successful approach to negotiations and my innate ability to develop, grow and nurture relationships – all to the benefit of my real estate clients.  Applying these skills and experience, along with a high ethical standard, I always make my clients' best interests my number one priority, always striving to achieve the best possible result for my clients.

Areas of Expertise

As a current proud resident of Lions Bay, and having lived in the downtown Vancouver core for over 20 years,  I have first-hand, resident knowledge of both Downtown Vancouver and the entire North Shore.  I provide expertise and knowledge to my clients across the North Shore from Deep Cove through to Squamish and throughout the Downtown Vancouver core.  

Christopher's Personal Core Values, Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements 

What sets me apart from the endless sea of realtors to choose from?  I can't speak for others, but I can speak to what I can confidently deliver.  I strongly believe in providing the best possible client-realtor experience possible.  And I ensure this by applying my trade through the lens of my personal Purpose, Vision, and Mission statements, and core values.  I share my purpose, vision, and mission statements, as well as my core values here for all to see so that potential clients can know what to expect when working with me, but also what they can hold me accountable to.  

My Purpose Statement 

Making the journey of buying and selling your home as comfortable, safe, and inviting as the place you call home. 

My Vision Statement

To be an industry leader in client care,  I will do my best to contribute in establishing and maintaining an excellent reputation, perception, and image for the greater real estate industry and real estate agents as a whole.

My Mission Statement

Through high integrity, excellent communication, and an empathetic approach, I will always be sure to put my client’s best interests first and do my best to provide an overwhelmingly positive customer experience that is worth sharing with others. 

My Personal Core Values 


Integrity means doing the right thing in all circumstances, with honesty, respect and accountability.  I live by this while ensuring I act in the best interests of my clients.  It is the cornerstone of my words, actions and reputation.

Excellence through Humility

Life is a long journey where no one can ever achieve perfection or know everything there is to know. There’s always more to learn, more to improve, more to tweak or more to consider.   Maintaining humility allows me to value openness and curiosity, to learn from anyone & anywhere, seek and provide honest feedback, be open to personal change and continuous improvement, learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure, and never underestimate my competition or any situation. 


Buying and selling a home is a big commitment and can be stressful for my clients.  To ease this stress, I always work to put myself in the shoes of my clients in order to understand and relate to each client’s situation.  I know that being empathetic and demonstrating empathy for my clients will go a long way towards forming a trusting relationship and a positive, memorable client experience. 


Communication is the cornerstone to any successful, valued relationship.  Therefore, I always ensure that my listening, comprehending, responsiveness and timeliness skills are always sharp and on point. 


Professionalism is my hallmark, based on my commitment to always being prepared, timely, responsive and transparent.  

Family Spirit
I strongly believe in the concept of family spirit.  Whether its my clients, staff or partners, I treat everyone I work with as if they were family - being accepting, inclusive, supportive and always being someone you can trust.

Strong Work Ethic

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.  When it’s time to get ‘er done, I will always do my best to circle the wagons and deliver. 

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